Hand-Picked Faves


heartyellow(smallblog) This Palm Springs mini-guide makes me want to go there now!
heartyellow(smallblog) What does your favorite ice cream say about you? Mine’s chocolate chip cookie dough: You’re more likely to be ambitious, competitive and a visionary – Fine with me! :)
heartyellow(smallblog) A must-try beauty product: Eight hour cream by Elizabeth Arden
heartyellow(smallblog) 5 tips for food photography (mine never seem to have the right background!)
heartyellow(smallblog) Are you a Starbucks expert? I’m not..! Take the quiz!
heartyellow(smallblog) The cutest Instagram account EVER! I can’t get enough of it ^^
heartyellow(smallblog) A very interesting article about Dennis Crowley, CEO of Foursquare
heartyellow(smallblog) Free Alexander Wang  in New York City. Where was I?
heartyellow(smallblog) Doesn’t this website make you want to cook? Everything looks so delish!
heartyellow(smallblog) Loving this new Orange is the new black tv show on Netflix! Are you watching?

Happy Monday!


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