Hand-Picked Faves


A list of cute, funny and interesting things I found on the Internet and I thought I would share them with you! Just because! :) 

heartyellow(smallblog) This is the perfect video for you to watch and start the day with a good laugh!
heartyellow(smallblog) How cute are all of these iPhone cases
heartyellow(smallblog) Prettiest flower popsicles ever! Love them!
heartyellow(smallblog) Hilarious! 17 ways to tell you’ve been in your relationship forever
heartyellow(smallblog) Excellent! 10 things most Americans don’t know about America
heartyellow(smallblog) I love watching Ted Talks and this one is pretty inspiring Why 30 is not the new 20
heartyellow(smallblog) If they really make that floating pool in the East River, it would be nuts!
heartyellow(smallblog) The perfect DIY flower crown for this Summer
heartyellow(smallblog) What happened in Game of Thrones after episode 9 lol (no spoiler)
heartyellow(smallblog) If I had a pool in my backyard, I would own this! How awesome!

Illustration by Asia Pietrzyk


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