André Leon Talley Leaves Vogue


This is HUGE!

According to the NYPost, André Leon Talley, one of the most well-known faces of fashion, recently announced that he will be leaving the industry’s most well-recognized publication, Vogue,  for television! 

Apparently, ATL  has inked a deal with production company Electus to develop a late-night talk show. He said his goal is to create “a show that blends Dick Cavett’s approach to eloquence and sophistication with unparalleled access into my international fashion lifestyle. A forum where unique stories will be told and inspirations shared.” (source: WWD)

I personally think that the television platform would be an ideal showcase for André’s fabulous personality! I had the chance to meet ATL several times in Paris during Fashion Week and in New York, and I must say that his “larger-than-life” personality would be great on TV! I am definitely excited for this!

What do you guys think?


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