What will you be watching in 2013?

I’m addicted to TV shows. I don’t watch 1 or 2 but like 5 and I am sure you know that catching up on all of them is not an easy task!

I used to watch Friends, Beverly Hills, Melrose Place and all these when I was a teen then, a little later, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Prison Break and Gossip Girl arrived and it wasn’t so easy to catch up anymore, but I managed! Today, it’s like writers are coming up with new TV show ideas every day, while the old ones still running! Kill me now! lol

Here’s my opinion on 5 of the most talked about shows in 2013:

1. Revenge


The wait is over, and the vengeful Emily is coming back to the Hamptons for a second season, ready to punish those who framed and killed her daddy. However, this season feels a bit slower than the previous one. I will be watching it but things will need to move faster for me to be interested in a 3rd Season. What do you think?

2. Homeland


One of the best shows on television! However, some TV shows are built to run and run (Friends, Desperate..) and some just aren’t. I don’t think Homeland is built that way unless they completely change paths and stop writing about Brody’s life. I will definitely be watching Season 3 though, will you?

3. Scandal


My fave at the moment! The first season only had 7 episodes, which was surprising and disappointing but Season 2 was absolutely brilliant! For those of you who don’t know it yet, Kerry Washington is Olivia Pope, a DC fixer who used to work for the White House. She now has her own “practice” and her job is to fix private scandals before they become public disgraces. Trust me, hurry up and go watch it! ;)

4. The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries

Now that Gossip Girl is over, CW has a new baby: SATC prequel, The Carrie Diaries. In my opinion, this show isn’t aimed at first-generation (TV show) SATC fans. The Carrie Diaries will probably get a good-sized tune-in from people wondering what a young Carrie Bradshaw looks like but if you can’t get past the SATC connection, then I’m not sure this show is for you (or for me). I will give it a try a bit longer but I am not sure I will stick to this one..

5. Girls


Girls is sort of like “Sex and the City” — if SATC had featured unsuccessful women, having a huge amount of bad and sad sex who live in the city — but not Manhattan. I find myself somewhat confounded by the overwhelmingly positive response Girls has received. I don’t think the show has “reinvented” comedy, at all. I watched 3 episodes and I think I am… done.

Which show(s) will you be watching this year?


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