Trend Spotting: First Knuckle Rings

What goes around comes back around. First knuckle rings, also called memory rings or tea rings, were first worn in the Renaissance. At that time, wearing those rings meant that you were part of a wealthy family.

We see them everywhere: they are worn by celebrities (Rihanna), top models (Freja) and influential bloggers (Emily Weiss, ITG). But why is this trend coming back today? I personally believe that the “nail phenomenon” is the reason. Nail colors, nail art, gel, stickers, and DIY communities are blowing up and people are now paying way more attention to their hands than they ever did before. And those delicate memory rings are just the absolute accessory to show off your perfectly manicured fingertips!

first knuckles rings

If you’re into them like me, you can buy your first knuckle rings at a this awesome little Williamsburg boutique called Catbird.

Will you be stacking them?


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