From YSL to “Saint Laurent Paris”

Yves Got Dropped! 

Newly appointed creative director, Hedi Slimane, revealed his plan to change the name of the brand. He wants to drop the “Yves” and add on “Paris,” at the end. What is even more confusing is that the brand will keep its current YSL logo. What do you think of this name change?

Le nouveau directeur artistique, Hedi Slimane, a révélé son intention de changer le nom de la marque Yves Saint Laurent. Il veut supprimer le “Yves” et ajouter “Paris” à la fin. Ce qui est encore plus bizarre est que la marque conservera son logo YSL. Que pensez-vous de ce changement? 

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6 thoughts on “From YSL to “Saint Laurent Paris”

  1. Wow….on one hand, It will probably make anything with the Yves still on it will be cool, but I dont understand the name change. I think they should leave it the way that is is especially if they are going to use the same Logo anyway.

  2. It seems sort of confusing to me. If they are keeping the same logo then changing the name makes no sense. Plus I’m not sure if there is really any value in adding the word Paris? Since it’s a French name it’s already associated with Paris. Just my two cents!

    Pink Chai Style

    • I completely agree with you. Apparently they want to make it sounds more “couture” – hence the “Paris” at the end.
      Thanks for stopping by Raj! :) xo

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