Shamballa Bracelets

Buddhist-inpired Jewels created by Danish siblings: Shamballa bracelets

Buddhism may seem incongruous with diamonds but the two brothers, Mads and Mikkel Kornerup have harmoniously blended the spiritual and the opulent! Their line is called Shamballa Jewels.

The “enlightened baubles“, as they like to call them, are meant to give wearers “the possibilty of connecting to the energy of creation“. These bracelets commingle pearls, diamonds and raw leather to resemble prayer beads – japa malas – buddhists use to keep count of their mantras.

From Jay-Z to Helena Christensen, they are all in love with these pricey little bracelets. Helena says: “They have a touch of something raw and simple, almost organic“.

You can buy them online or in stores such as Barneys. For those of you who live in Paris, a cheaper version (no diamonds) is flourishing everywhere around Châtelet (watch out for the made in China/plastic ones though!). 

Are you in love?

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