Beauty Innovation – Magnetic Nails

Next Big Nail Trend?

Nude nail polish is a huge trend this fall, but metallic manicures promise to be super trendy with this beauty innovation! Metallic manicures are now available in the US thanks to Sephora.

But we all wonder – How does magnetic nail polish work?
If you want to get professional looking nails without leaving your own home, this innovation might interest you!
With these polishes you don’t need any tools –  the magnet does all the work.

How does it work?
Apply your first coat of polish and wait until it’s dry.
The second coat is where all the magnetic magic happens. Paint a generous amount of polish on one nail and then hold the magnet over that nail for about 10-15 seconds.
All you have to do now is lift the magnet away and your magnetic manicure is complete.
Apply your favorite top coat to finish.

See it in action, watch this Sephora tutorial video:

What do you think dolls?

Images from nails inc.

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8 thoughts on “Beauty Innovation – Magnetic Nails

  1. This is freakin amazing!!! I want this so bad. I’m adding “Head to Sephora for Magnetic Nail Polish” to my To-Do list asap lol This was a brilliant post! Thanks doll :D

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