Birds Flying High, You know how I feel

Enter the Magical World of Atelier Aimée Montenapoleone..

I discovered these breathtaking wedding gowns on Sarah Klassen’s blog and I immediately fell in love with all of them. Aren’t they stunning?
Hand-embroideries, french laces, white tulle and bows are perfectly mixed together in the most elegant way.

Atelier Aimée is the leading company in Italy for the creation and production of bridal dresses. From 1961 it has accompanied more than five hundred thousand brides in the world on their most important day, creating unique dresses, true artworks.

In these years I have conceived and given life to many styles. However, the true magic of a bridal gown is that one, and only one, will be perfect for the bride that chooses it. Every time, in that instant, my amazement renews itself because I have the sensation that I created it exclusively for her. And that makes me happy.” says Lucia Zanotti, Creative Director of the Italian Atelier Aimée Montenapoleone.

What kind of wedding would you guys like to have (if you do want to get married)? All fancy with a gorgeous white gown or more intimate, wearing something really simple?

Have a lovely day dolls!

Images: courtesy of Atelier Aimée Montenapoleone

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


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