Closet Makeover!

The pictures are finally here! I’ve been willing to refurbish that walk-in closet for ages but I never built up the courage to do it… until last week! Tired of not finding my clothes easily (a girl never has enough clothes!) I decided to build a brand new closet! And what’s better than IKEA when you gotta redo everything yourself?! :)

Let me tell you something.. I’m GLAD it’s over! I worked on it for 2 weeks straight (on the weekends), meaning that I had to put away ALL of my clothes! They literally were EVERYWHERE in the appartment: some stacked on top of each other in my room, some in the living room.. But I’m happy with the result!

Okkk, I have to confess that it’s not completely done. As you can see, there’s only a wardrobe and few drawers on the pictures. On the other side of the closet are shelves where I can pile up all of my shirts! I will be completely done today :)

What do you guys think? How do you organize your closet?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


14 thoughts on “Closet Makeover!

  1. I truly need to get myself together and do my closet! It’s sad and pathetic what my closet looks like I really want something for my shoes.

  2. Looks fab!! I’m super jealous. Renting apartments in student areas and not knowing how long I’ll be living there means I can never truly make my apartment ‘mine’ by decorating and organizing like this! Can’t wait to finally move into an apartment for a long term stay! xx

  3. wish I had the same dressing !! wish I had enough room in my small appartment for everything that I have !! can’t buy anything more !!lucky you, my closet is not organize (well, jackets on the right and the rest on the left;))

  4. Love the fabric box for those clutch! So cute~ I had one of those racks from IKEA too which you used for shoes stacking! :D I prefer to do a ‘closet haul’ at least once in two weeks, so it’s easier to track those clothings, LOL. Thanks for sharing the photos, kudos~


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