Would you like some macarons mademoiselle ?

Macaron lovers will be happy to know that the famous, luxury Parisian patisserie Maison Ladurée — known for its pastel-colored, feather-light macarons and elegant tea houses across Paris — will open a boutique in New York on Madison Avenue in July 2011.

In a city where the cupcake reigns as the favorite on-the-go dessert of choice, the french House Ladurée is hoping to take a bite out of the market and seduce all pastry-lovers!

These delicate french treats, light and crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, were first created in 1930 by Pierre Desfontaines, a member of the founder’s family who ran the company at the time.

For those of you who never tried one before, macarons are airy, meringue-like cookies made with egg whites, ground almonds and sugar that sandwich a flavored butter cream or ganache filling. Flavors at Ladurée include caramel with salted butter, raspberry, pistachio, lemon, orange blossom, rose and blackcurrant violet. The boutiques also sell cakes, pastries and chocolates.
All absolutely mouth-watering!

In addition to New York, Ladurée will also be opening new boutiques in Rome, Osaka, Hong Kong, London’s Covent Garden and Heathrow Airport.

Are you excited? Have you guys tried Ladurée macarons before? I personally find them delicious!

Mes petits frenchy, préférez-vous les macarons de chez Ladurée, de chez Pierre Hermé ou d’ailleurs ?

864 Madison Avenue
(between 71st St & 70th St)
New York, NY 10021
(where Italian shoemaker Santoni was before it closed)


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