Remember her name


Mariel is a beautiful, talented young woman who is studying fashion in Barcelona, Spain. Originally from Mexico, she moved to the US in 2004 to pursue her love for design and studied at the Philadelphia University to develop her talent. She then decided to have a closer look at how European people were seeing fashion and moved to Barcelona to study at the Instituto Europeo di design (European Institute of design).

She confesses “Moving to Barcelona is the best choice I’ve ever made… it opened my eyes to new possibilities. I now understand what fashion is about and that I love to create. Putting your hands on a simple piece of fabric and transform it: this is my art. ”

I decided to post her work on my blog not only because she is my friend, but because I personally think she is extremely talented and I was blown away by her designs! Let me know what you guys think!

You can also show your support and follow her on Twitter @Mariel_Rojo

Photography: Alan Ramirez
Models: Carmen Medina & Teresa Fornons

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