Epic disaster

Last Wednesday I went with two of my girlfriends to the Biotherm event that took place in Paris, at the Palais Brongniart. It was a beautiful day in the city and we took our time, slowly walking to our final destination. We arrived there and the first thing we saw was hundreds of people who apparently were patiently waiting for… the same event. A bit annoyed we (not with difficulty) looked for the end of this never ending line and decided to wait anyway.

*the vitality party became the “tired of waiting” one

1h30 later, […] a crew member decided to split the line in 2 (one for the Swedish gym class and the other for the fish pedicure & all other activities) and that’s when this crazy-mess started.. Girls were running all over the place to get their new spot on line and some were running towards the entrance and try to get in anyway.
I have to admit that the girls and I quite cut the line as well (oops) and that way succeeded in getting a bag with the new Biotherm skincare products. A very little comfort compared to what the event was supposed to be.. We finally left without a chance to get inside and with one thought in mind: It was a total failure!

I will however talk to you about those new Biotherm products we’ve got:

Skin Ergetic – a non stop anti-fatigue moisturizer,
Aqua Source
– a 24h deep hydration replenishing cream,
Celluli Laser
 Size Code – an advanced stomach-waist care fat-prone areas

I’m only going to talk to you about the skincare products since I haven’t tried the one for the body yet.

The Biotherm Aqua Source gel cream ($35) has a soft green color and its texture is very light. The scent is also quite refreshing. However, this gel cream isn’t recommended for those of you who have dry skin (like me!). Indeed, its texture isn’t very “creamy” so your skin might not feel completely hydrated a few hours after applying it. I believe the same product also is available in another texture (creamier!), so make sure you buy the right one according to your needs.

The Biotherm Skin Ergetic Day ($49) has a soft orange color and a fresh and delicate texture. It has 97.5% of natural ingredients and its fragrance is 100% natural. It actually smells delicious (combination of pears, soy, tomatoes, grapes and bitter oranges)! I believe it made my skin visibly fresh and radiant-looking after using it. So I would recommend it if you just want a boost of energy! The price does set you back a bit but I believe it’s worth a try!

Pour mes petits frenchy qui me lisent, voici un petit résumé de cette soirée de la vitalité organisée par Biotherm pour le lancement de leurs nouveaux produits : Aqua Source et Skin Ergetic.
Je m’y suis rendue avec deux amies mercredi soir et qu’elle fut notre surprise de voir des centaines de personnes agglutinées sur la place de la Bourse. Nous avons décidé d’y rester et de faire la queue pour voir ce qu’un tel buzz allait donner. Apres plus d’1h30 d’attente, un organisateur a mis la pagaille et tous le monde s’est précipité vers l’entrée pour tenter sa chance. Personne ne rentrait plus.. nous avons récupéré chacune un sac produit mais n’avons rien vu de cette soirée.. Grande déception!


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