Awkward & Awesome Thursdays!

I’ve been willing to start doing this “Awkward & Awesome Thursdays” post for a while now (seen on Sydney’s blog!). So here it is! If you guys like it, I’m thinking about posting it on a weekly basis ;)


– Being on the bus listening to music and all of a sudden thinking about something really funny. Of course I couldn’t help but laugh by myself  [yes, everyone was staring lol]

– Enjoying The Tree of Life but seeing half of the people leaving the movie theater.. why am I the only one finding it quite poetic?

– Being passionate about Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books (currently reading Breaking Dawn) when they’re supposed to be books for teenagers.. ugh.

– Seeing tons of my friends from high school getting married and having babies… Time is flying!


– Randomly listening to the mixtape of this artist I didn’t know, Frank Ocean, and finding 3 songs I completely fell in love with [Novacane, We all try, American Wedding]

– Arriving fresh & early at work when no one is in the office yet… what a relaxing morning!

– Those two new essie nail polish colors I just bought! [Foot loose & Lilacism]

– Finally watching Terrence Malick’s ridiculously sublime The Tree of Life. A “warm and enveloping quilt of cinematic poetry, visual allegory and semi-linear storytelling“.

– Watching this video and being totally stunned and inspired by Sarah Kay’s performance

– Receiving flowers at work from some of my co-workers. Could have been listed in my awkward section if it was meant to be romantic but it was just plain nice and totally made my day!

 [we are such weirdos! lol]

 Send me your Awkward & Awesome moments by email to along with an awesome or awkward picture and the best ones will be featured on my blog! xo


3 thoughts on “Awkward & Awesome Thursdays!

  1. yay! i love awkward and awesome thursdays! i loved that you joined in on the fun! and the twilight saga is brilliant! so excited for the next film, ha!

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