An inspiring exhibit

I’m back from New York where I went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute (see here).
As expected, it was fabulous and very inspiring. Nobody was allowed to take pictures.. but I could not resist so I can share them with you! Enjoy!

Military-inspired separates from the Dante collection, F/W 1994-1995. A quote from McQueen indicates: “I spent a long time learning to construct clothes, which is important to do before you deconstruct them.

Below, a selection from the 1997-1998 haute couture collection called “Eclect Dissect.” As a note from McQueen indicates: “My idea was this mad scientist who cut all these women up and then mixed them all back together.

McQueen’s luminous final collection, for Fall/Winter 2010-2011. A note indicates that McQueen said, “I relate more to that cold, austere asceticism of the Flemish masters.

Part of this exhibit is dedicated to McQueen’s love of his mother country. Scotland. An partner collection called “The Girl who Lived in the Tree”, from Fall/Winter 2008-2009, has an accompanying quote from McQueen: “The reason I’m patriotic about Scotland is because I think it’s been dealt a really hard hand. It’s marketed all over the world as … haggis … bagpipes. But no one ever puts anything back into it.

The exhibit’s climax is one of McQueen’s most buzzed-over collections, Plato’s Atlantis, from Spring/Summer 2010. As McQueen said: “Plato’s Atlantis predicted a future in which the ice cap would melt … the waters would rise … and life on earth would have to evolve in order to lie beneath the sea once more or perish … Humanity would go back whence it came.

Guess what souvenir I got from the exhibit?

I also have something quite funny to tell you guys! So, a few days after seeing the exhibit, I went to have lunch at La Bottega (The Maritime Hotel) with hubby and guess who is sitting two tables away from me?! GUIDO.
Since I’ve worked with him in the past, I went to say hi and congratulated him on his amazing work for the exhibit. It felt pretty awesome to be able to talk to him about it :)
Besides that, if you have the opportunity to go to New York before July 31st, you should go see it!

[view from the MET rooftop]


7 thoughts on “An inspiring exhibit

  1. I agree with Taliah! McQueen was a genius and you did an awesome job of capturing it with your pics! I should be in NY for work for a while in June and July and hope to sqeeze in a visit to the exhibit! Love that you put a pic of yourself in there at the end too!

  2. So glad you snuck some photos- I always get so nervous sneaking them in a museum. This is on my short list for my next visit to NYC. Can’t wait to see it.

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