What would you like for breakfast?

Do you like to eat light and healthy in the morning or do you rather eat a lot and maybe skip lunch?
I personally do not eat at all in the morning. The problem is that eating at 7am is way too early for my stomach so I’d rather not eat at all. However, on weekends, I loooove to sleep in and have a good breakfast around 11ish! :) (I’m a bacon & eggs addict!)

Have a great weekend! xx

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9 thoughts on “What would you like for breakfast?

  1. Usualy I’m just Like you 7 am is way too early for My stomach so i drink some juice or eat a Little cookie that s all but just Like you i love take My Time the week end and eat more heavy hummmmmm :)) Nice post btw;)

  2. I have the same breakfast habits! I can’t eat right after I wake up but do start weekdays with an organic bar of some sort (favs are soyjoys or protein bars.) On the weekends I LOVE a big breakfast a couple hours after I’ve been awake!

    P.S. Reading this post at 4 p.m. makes me super hungry!

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