A New York Story.

I believe a woman can play different roles during the day: from wearing a tight bun to a messy hair, from flats to high heels, from grungy ripped shirts with jeans to sexy delicate dresses.. I don’t think women should restrict themselves to a specific style. I personally like to play around with my clothes and accessories and can be very feminine one day without being afraid to wear sneakers and my Yankee hat the day after.

Do you pretty much have a “unique” style or do you like to play around with your clothes according to your mood?

Photography by Olivia Graham


5 thoughts on “A New York Story.

  1. I dress according to my mood. Sometimes I want to be all dolled up in heels and flirty dresses but others, give me a men’s oxford and some distressed jeans and I’m good to go lol. Clothes really are the best tool for self-expression, IMO.

    • I actually do not change my hairstyle much either.. I would love to have different hairdos but I don’t really know how to do them on myself :-S

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