Dior show must go on without Galliano..

The Christian Dior fashion show, which took place at the Musée Rodin, began with Sidney Toledano, President, talking to the crowd in an effort to close the painful Galliano chapter.

It has been deeply painful to see the name of Dior associated with disgraceful statements attributed to its designer, no matter how brilliant he may be” Sidney Toledano said.

So far, Dior’s collection is one of my favorites. I found it touching and extremely beautiful. The clothes on the runway were unmistakably John’s.

For the first time, there wasn’t a spotlight shining on a designer. Instead, les petits mains from Dior atelier’s design team came out to a roaring standing ovation.

The show must go on… even without its flamboyant designer of nearly 15 years, John Galliano.


One thought on “Dior show must go on without Galliano..

  1. This has got to be one of the biggest news in the history of fashion. I am still shocked and disappointed in him but at the same time saddened my his actions. The collection is very rich, colorful, glamour and over the top. I love the pieces…not too crazy about some outfits are styled but Im sure the models wore the looks well.

    I also like that they brought out his team to represent for the line. That was a smart move.

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