Let the flowers bloom again..

Today I felt a ray of sun warming the room through the window.. blue skies, barely any clouds, streets packed with window shoppers.. felt like spring was pushing winter away. So here I am now, thinking about nude, vibrant colors, ice creams and high open toe heels.. :sigh:..

I so want to wear these colors right now.. [she has my future tattoo! almost..]

Flats can also be very pretty :)

This Louis Vuitton bag is just gorgeous! [++ Louboutins!]

I WANT this vintage phone.

Ohh Vivienne….. <3

I don’t know what’s with me and round boxes…!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my readers <3


9 thoughts on “Let the flowers bloom again..

  1. Oh I do adore those yummy ice cream shades! and they complement each other so well. I have those Vivianne Westwood shoes.. when the weather warms up will be wearing them all summer. x

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