bag crush.

I’ve always had an addiction to bags. I would rather spend more money on bags then I would on clothes.. and my closet is the perfect proof of that fact! What are your favorite bags this fall?

Mulberry Alexa – $1,250

Balenciaga City – $1,445

ASOS feather clutch – $43.81

Fendi Peekaboo – price on demand.. $$$


6 thoughts on “bag crush.

  1. Loove the Mulberry bag.
    I completely agree with you, the most expensive item on me is always the bag. When splurging, there are a few items that I make exceptions for, and the bag is always one of them!

  2. I’m so in love with the Mulberry Alexa! To me, that’s _the_ perfect bag.

    You asked on my blog for the cheesecake-recipe. It’s online now! Just take a look in my recipe index – I hope it turns out well because I always make cheesecakes by guess and by gosh and this recipe is just my lead there. :)

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