fall colors.

What colors will you wear this fall?

I love the Chanel trio that came out for the fashion night out. However, I am currently wearing you-dont-know-jacques from the OPI collection – it goes perfectly well with my kaki pants and brown bags :)

What are your favorite nail polish brands? Everytime I paint my nails, I feel like it doesn’t last long.. any tips?


2 thoughts on “fall colors.

  1. Base coat + two coats of polish + top coat. I read online that it helps to put a new top coat on everyday as well.
    I never have this problem because I have quite a few colors and I always feel like I have to wear them all… So I change it every 3-4 days.. -_- Yes, it’s very time consuming but I can’t control myself anymore!

  2. I knew I needed to buy a base coat when I was at the store the other day.. ahh!
    I usually only apply two coats of polish + top coat. Thanks for the tips anyway! I bought so many recently that I change it every week as well! lol

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